How To Apply Vanguard Eau De Parfum!!

Vanguard Eau De Parfum is an irresistible fragrance that is guaranteed to turn heads, as well as helping you to turn on the charm. Some people make the mistake of thinking that simply owning a scent like Vanguard will improve their life. That is true to a point, but to get the very best from your scent, it is worth learning the best way to wear it.

We want all of our customers to maximise the powerful impact of Vanguard. Before you even press down on the spray, remember that a subtle dose always works better than a deluge.

Below are our 5 key secrets on getting the best from Vanguard Eau De Parfum.

1. Pulse points are your plus points!

It's an old secret and by the nature of secrets, not everyone is aware of this one. To spray Vanguard on your pulse points is to make the very most of its sensational scent. A spray to the wrists will be magnified by the subtle heat of your pulse. Behind the ears is a good place too, if you fancy it. Just be sure to get your aim right!

2. Simply the chest

If you're the type who likes to leave a button or two open on your shirt, it makes sense to send a quick spray of Vanguard in the direction of your chest. Whether you have a hairy chest or it's as smooth as the day you were born, passers-by are far more likely to remember the pheromone-infused smell of Vanguard.

3. Stick your neck out

You can't beat a classic – and the neck has always been the classic area for a spray of your favourite fragrance. The pulse in your neck is strong and more exposed than other pulse points in your body. A spray of Vanguard goes a long way.

4. Less is more

The last thing you want to do is overpower people with excess use of Vanguard. Trust us – it is at its brilliant best when applied sparingly to the right places.

5. Never rub your wrists together

The act of applying fragrance to your wrists and rubbing them together should never be done. Rubbing your wrists together after spraying Vanguard removes the top notes of your perfume, leaving you with the middle and base notes, so you don't get the full scent. Instead, let the fragrance settle on the skin and open up on its own, so it lasts you the whole day.

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