Introducing Vanguard Oud!

We take great pleasure in announcing the release of our second fragrance, Vanguard Oud. After months of concocting, sampling and refining, we have finally developed a scent that rivals the very best. Vanguard Oud has quickly become our pride and joy, of course, without stepping on the toes of its predecessor, Vanguard Eau de Parfum. Although highly distinct, Vanguard Oud maintains the Vanguard DNA - understated, while possessing a striking quality. For the next few minutes, we will be taking you on a journey detailing how we went from a single word to a bottle packed with liquid treasure.

The Inspiration

Due to the continued success of our debut fragrance; Vanguard Eau de Parfum, developing a follow-up would present a challenge. From the offset, the goal was to create a uniquely distinct scent, as opposed to taking the easy road and producing a fragrance that was almost similar in nature to the first. 

After much thought, we arrived at this conclusion - the next scent would sit in the Oud Category, and simply be called 'Vanguard Oud'. For those who are familiar with Oud, its unique nature means that it is instantly recognisable. There is absolutely no denying the intensity of this polarising scent classification. Again, in regards to Oud, there is a tendency for perfumers to produce an overbearing scent. Many who claim that Oud is 'just not their thing', usually do so because of its overpowering character. However we knew all too well that the power that Oud possesses could be employed in a manner that shifts the opinions of naysayers. Vanguard Oud would adopt a smoother and less eye-watering approach, still managing to take centre stage and holding tight to the power Oud is known to possess. 

This led us to explore the word power and all its nuances. We wanted to define precisely how power relates to the Vanguard man. We found that Mr Vanguard is indeed powerful, but not in the way that adheres to the status quo. Mr Vanguard can command a room without overpowering a room. Mr Vanguard does not evoke fear, instead, radiates an intense cool and calm. Mr Vanguard is authoritative, subconsciously influencing. Mr Vanguard holds all the winning cards and uses them sparingly. Mr Vanguard is simply the embodiment of soft power. This type of power attracts, leaving a lasting effect.

The Notes

The Vanguard Oud formula is soft power personified. Entering with top notes of Bergamot and Saffron, leading into heart notes of Oud Musk, Vetiver, Cardamom, Rose and Lavender and harmonising into base notes of Nutmeg, Black Agar, Patchouli and Precious Woods. As mentioned, our goal was not to create an eye-watering Oud, but to serenade your senses, leaving a stamp of power, in its most subtle manifestation. 

Final Words

The application of Vanguard Oud leaves you with questions. Although you can clearly identify the authoritative nature of this scent, there is a subdued element that isn't as easy to qualify. It is this intriguing quality that will surely make Vanguard Oud a staple. Wear it during intimate get-togethers, or in high-powered professional settings, regardless, its understated dominance cannot go ignored. We can't wait for you to get your hands on it, so click shop to experience the new edition to the Mr Vanguard family.


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