If you've been looking for a place where you can be inspired by men's fragrance, fashion and lifestyle, stop now - Mr Vanguard has been created just for you. In our debut blog post, we'll introduce our launch product and in the future we'll fill this space with topics that you'll love, bringing you inspirational stories from individuals taking control of their life.

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What will your free gift be?

We're kicking things off with Vanguard Eau de Parfum, our debut fragrance. Vanguard is inspired by feelings of freedom and strength. This starts with a base of firm, woody essences like cedar and amber, with the exotic scents of hot, tropical climates like the Far East and the Caribbean layered on top.

Those are just the foundations though, we've worked long and hard to bring you a complex fragrance that unravels slowly through all its notes. Find out more in the Shop section.

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Let us know what you're doing

Whenever you feel like you're making the most of your freedom and tackling the challenges of modern living, let us know what's going on using the hashtag #MrVanguard. You could be a rebel, a game changer or a lurker - we want to know what's happening.

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