Who is Mr Vanguard?

At Mr Vanguard, we believe it is important to recognise and celebrate men that truly encapsulate our vision for the Mr Vanguard man. He is innovative, inspirational, with the ability to lead. These men are fearless in the pursuit towards their dreams.

We have selected four men we believe are true representations of the Mr Vanguard man, and we’re going to explain why we think that is.

1. John Boyega

At only 26, John Boyega has already achieved a great deal in life. Hailing from South East London and the son of British-Nigerian parents, Boyega has shown fearless persistence and perseverance in the world of film. Boyega's acting talents were spotted at the tender age of nine; going on to receive a hardship grant permitting attendance to a learning theatre for young people.

His success is derived from his constant drive to pursue his acting career. Boyega has shown a talent for comedy as well as drama, cast in the horror comedy ‘Attack The Block’ and his role in the newest Star Wars Trilogy. In 2016, Boyega received the BAFTA award for the ‘Rising Star.’ Also in 2016, Boyega set up his own production company, which co-produced this year's hit movie ‘Pacific Rim Uprising,’ with Boyega holding a leading role. He has a real heart for his Nigerian roots, basing his production company in Nigeria. Boyega is using his success to promote the talents of others. He is a true inspiration, a leader, innovator and a prime example of the Mr Vanguard man. There is no doubt that this talented driven business mogul will go on to do bigger and better things.

2. Umar Kamini

In 2012 Umar Kamini, alongside his brother, founded the fashion brand PrettyLittleThing, a brand whose name dominates the highly competitive fast-fashion landscape. Whether it is through social media or well-placed advertising, this online fashion retailer is hard to ignore.

Considering the immense success of PrettyLittleThing, it is difficult to believe that the business has been in existence for just over five years. So how has Kamini achieved such amazing success in such a short amount of time? His incredible skills to pick up trends circulating the social media realm is most certainly a major contributing factor to the brands success. The brands ability to connect with a diverse range of influencers has been a game changer. PrettyLittleThing remains in the spotlight, acting as a clothing provider and lifestyle brand.

Kamini represents the Mr Vanguard man because he understands the importance of developing relationships, as seen in the collaborations with celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Teyana Taylor and Sofia Richie. Kamini is fearless in his ambition, with a global vision firmly rooted in the United Kingdom. A new eCommerce operation in Sheffield, United Kingdom will provide 1200 jobs by the end of this year. Kamini's power of perception also means that he recognises the need for his business to accommodate everyone, so jobs include part-time, full-time and student-friendly hours. Umar Kamini is a true visionary.   

3. Michael Paterson and Sultan Murad Saidov

Michael Paterson and Sultan Murad Saidov are co-founders of Beamery, a London-based recruitment and headhunting company, with a creative and fresh outlook. Beamery uses software to help organisations find the perfect candidates for jobs.

These two men represent the Mr Vanguard man as they took up the difficult task of starting Beamery whilst working at their corporate jobs. They were fearless in their bid to pursue their vision, opting to take an innovative approach to their business. They were able to recognise that there was a pool of extremely talented candidates who were completely overlooked, simply because they were not actively looking for work. The perfect role was ready and waiting for existing candidates, who fit various job descriptions to a tee. All that was required was an intermediary to bring both parties together, and so Beamery was born.

4. The Next Mr Vanguard: You!

As you’ve read, the Mr Vanguard man can come from various walks of life, and we hope that you are inspired by the stories of these men, pushing you to create your own path in life. One thing that we’ve learned is a true leader is always willing to meet the needs of others. It is clear that the Mr Vanguard man takes personal accountability for the direction of his life, regardless of the obstacles that may be present. Be fearless in the pursuit towards your dreams, think outside the box and remember you are Mr Vanguard.

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