Who is Mr Vanguard?

Welcome to the third edition of 'Who is Mr Vanguard?'. In this blog series, we carefully select individuals that we believe exemplify the Mr Vanguard philosophy. These individuals span across various industries; however, all have one goal in mind - to lead in their respected fields. So far, we have highlighted a prominent actor, a founder of one of the UK's most successful online fast fashion brands, two friends innovating within the recruitment space, a robotics entrepreneur, an independent games developer and a fitness apparel creator that has taken his industry by storm. For this edition, we wanted to focus specifically within the realm of fashion. More specifically, on individuals that are disrupting the digital landscape, creating fashion content that could rival the pages of GQ. So, without further ado, we bring you, Rowan Row and Gabriel Akinosho - two men that are single-handily killing it in the fashion and social media space.

Rowan Row

Having amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram and maintaining a strong presence on other key social media platforms, Rowan Row has his finger on the pulse of fashion content creation. This blogger, slash influencer, slash taste-maker and photographer has mastered the art of effective content distribution while building a highly engaged community. A quick scroll through Rowan's Instagram feed and you're left craving the clothing items he so effortlessly pieces together. Whether it's a watch, spectacles, male grooming tools or a three piece-suit, Rowan knows how to get his followers talking - and most likely buying. Comments pleading for Rowan to share details on his clothing and applauding him for his style are a dime a dozen. It's not every day you come across an individual that can seamlessly switch from Canary Wharf banker attire to Shoreditch hipster. Rowan's looks span a wide range of influences, which have allowed him to cater to the masses, while still maintaining a strong identity amongst the crowded fashion content space.

There is much speculation about fashion bloggers and influencers. While many brands and customers have embraced the influencer, there are still naysayers lurking. Rowan trumps all talk, which doubts the ability of a blogger to disrupt the fashion industry in any meaningful way. Having worked with some of the world's most popular brands, Rowan is amongst a small group of non-traditional celebrities that have formed relationships with major companies. Rowan has the power to direct his followers to brands that were previously unknown to them - indicating the trust he has garnered. Rowan Row is indeed at the helm of fashion blogging and continues to gift us with content rivalling those generated by major fashion publications.  

Gabriel Akinosho

With over 100k followers on Instagram, Gabriel Akinosho's content has one sole purpose - to showcase timeless fashion pieces in a variety of locations across the globe. At first glance, Gabriel appears as a fashion influencer, doing what influencers do best - creating polished content behind enviable backdrops. Although very accurate, Gabriel also holds two significant titles. He is the Founder and Creative Director of luxury men's fashion brand, Albert Clothing. Using his platform as a catalogue for Albert Clothing, Gabriel displays the intricate connection between himself and the Albert Clothing brand. If you want to know precisely who the Albert man is, then look no further than Gabriel's socials. He has masterfully entwined his persona with that of Albert Clothing's, without taking anything away from the brand. Gabriel's use of social media is not only a fashionista's delight, but it also provides a master class on how to market a brand. Authenticity seeps from all corners of Albert Clothing, and it has its founder to thank for that. Despite authenticity being somewhat of a buzzword, it is vital when crafting a brands image online. Therefore, the coming together of Gabriel and the Albert Clothing brand is a formula that is proving effective. This strategy represents a founder dedicated to the success of his company, who eats, lives and sleeps his brand.

Albert Clothing is a culmination of classic, timeless and exemplary craftsmanship. Gabriel ensures that the brand is at the vanguard of men's fashion - offering pieces that play with texture, patterns, colour and fine tailoring. Known for their dapper suits, Albert Clothing offers an array of masterfully constructed trouser and jacket ensembles to fit just about any man. With product names such as the Havana suit, Cannes blazer and the Celtic Mac, Albert Clothing creates a world where their customer set off around the globe with just a single purchase, and let us not forget to mention that Gabriel prides himself as presenting the Albert man as one who never misses a beat, by offering footwear to match. The Albert Clothing has made a stamp in the world of fashion. With the use of his social media, Gabriel is showing brands and influencers alike that authenticity most certainly always wins.

Until next time

We have come to the end of 'Who is Mr Vanguard,' and we have to say that both men are excellent examples of taking your passions and running with them. Both Rowan and Gabriel have carved out their slice of the busy fashion world, positioned at the vanguard of men's fashion and lifestyle. They are both true examples of inspirational, fearless and self-assured individuals that we are sure will continue to disrupt the online fashion landscape.


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